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Alabama Hunter Education

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The Alabama Hunter Education Association is the official organization of the Alabama Hunting Coordinators and Volunteer Instructors.

"They say knowledge is power. The ability
to use firearms safely is life itself. It is an ability that is learned, not inherited."

Welcome to the Alabama Hunter Education Association ( AHEA ) website. We hope that you find the website attractive, user friendly, and informative. This website serves as a tool to provide individuals with information regarding Alabama's Hunter Education Program and Instructors with information about ongoing AHEA activities and services.
AHEA is a nonprofit organization (501c3) comprised of Alabama Hunter Education Instructors that work closely with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. We hope that we can be helpful to you in providing information about Alabama's hunter education program and our role in promoting safe, responsible hunting.

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AHEA Annual 2015 Hunter Education Instructor's Banquet SLIDESHOW  See what you saw or see what you missed!

AHEA members get GREAT benefits!  See what you have coming to you as a member of the AHEA!

2015 Workshops are fun article!  You're missing a lot when you miss a workshop. See why in this article.

2015 Old Man Rabbit Hunting Expedition with Video!  Thrilling tale of intrepid old men hunting rabbits. Man, you gotta try this out next year! Fun!

Latest Board Meeting Info  Be there or be square!

AHEA Canteen Page  Be sure to see our new merchandise goodies for members.

TreeStand Safety Seminar and Instructors Certificaton Course! Of course if you teach about or use elevated tree stands, you should go look at this article to be found only on YOUR website. There's some things you need to know...

WHY WE HUNT! Ricky Moss has written two excellent articles featuring his young grandson on his first hunts with granddad. Read both: Why We Hunt Part I  and  Why We Hunt Part II

The 2010 AHEA Instructor of the Year Lee Brown from Clanton, Alabama is installed as the Hunter Education Instructor of the year for 2010

The 2010 AHEA HOG HUNT in pictures! Come and hog up the great reporting and picture taking by Barry Hagan on the 2nd annual south Alabama hog hunt. More than one swampy swine threw in his pork chops to make this a success!

The 2010 Old Timer's Rabbit Hunt in Pictures! There is something real rabbity going on in North Alabama. Check out an old time hunt with a new crew. Fun was had by all. GREAT photos!!!

Dear Deer.. I miss you sooooo much! Wipe that sad frown off your face. While this has NOTHING to do with our goals, aims, mission, hunter safety aspirations, etc...I think you're going to like this a LOT. It was too big not to post here. Be warned...women tend to like it even better than men....Click the link above... (The big action starts shortly before the sun goes down...)

Finally! The 2008 AHEA Banquet and Super Fun Days Pictures! Yes, find a whole slew of photos for your amazement from the 2008 Banquet. Sitting on the fence for 2009? These photos will convince you to be there or be square! Neat snaps!

March Hog Hunt! Barry Hagan issues his report on the March Hog Hunt at the Southern Sportsman Lodge!

AHEA Calendar Lots of great updates! Plenty of room for your AHEA stuff too...You write...we type!

Mission Statement of the AHEA Read it. Love it. Live it!    

Instructor Discounts Galore! You'll want to check this out before you make the big purchase. Instructors aren't exactly deluged with perks, but this is definitely a good one!

AHEA Canteen Updated! Be sure to visit the AHEA Canteen. Store quartermaster, Ricky, recently updated the goodies totals and added a couple of items. Do visit!

IBEP Course Roundup 2008  International Bowhunter Education Program in Glencoe Alabama
February 22-23 2008! Blowout article by Johnny Gottler with pictures!

Alabama Youth Hunt 2007! Barry Hagan of Talladega has a great article on their November 7, 2007 Youth Hunt. It's a great model for your group for 2008! Great work, Barry!

AHEA Shoulder or Pocket Patch!  See it on our Canteen page! If you don't have yours, you need to get busy and have the wife order a couple! Wear them proudly!!

Webmaster Norm hailed as Expert...Powerline 1000 Pellet Rifle Review
Check out Norm's thrilling review of the Daisy Powerline 1000 pellet rifle, the one cock wonder that is just shy of a .22 short in speed. Legal in most cities, burbs, and 'villes.

Hunter Education Instructor Lapel Pin
See the latest compliments to your Instructor wardrobe on the AHEA Canteen Page!

Back Issues of the Alabama Hunter Instructor Newsletter
Your AHEA website has been designated as the official repository for back issues of the Hunter Instructor Newsletter from the HQ in Montgomery, Alabama! Click link to see page!

Stuart Goldsby on the Perfect Field Day
AHEA members pull together for hunter safety...

Fact Article: Noseeums, Insect From The Bad Place
Those chewy places may not be from chiggers...

Article... Flip or Slingshot?  
Perhaps we should add another tool to our shooting sports bag. No closed season on empty bean cans. See this interesting feature here!


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